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Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

address:Katowicka 48 Street
45-061 Opole
phone:+48 77 449 8602


Piotr Obracaj, Ph.D., D.Sc., in Architecture, Associate Professor
Head of Department
Edward Syty, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor
Oksana Fomenko, Ph.D., D.Sc., in Architecture, Professor
Anna Dębowska, Ph.D., Eng
Dariusz Fabianowski, Ph.D., Eng
Monika Adamska, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture
Mirosław Bogdan, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture
Piotr Opałka, Ph.D., Eng
Barbara Pierścionek, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture
Marcin Spyra, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture
Bogusław Szuba, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture
Anna Szczegielniak, MSc.
Mirosław Łotarewicz, MSc.
Bożena Banek, MSc, Eng
Mariusz Tenczyński , MSc., Eng. in Architecture
Monika Piętak-Knosała, MSc.
Robert Krac, MSc., Eng.

Department carries out research concerning:

spatial-structural analysis of building objects,
analysis of the fire safety of timber structures,
analysis of timber structures with respect to protection against corrosion, especially countryside constructions,
professional spatial-functional analysis of theatres,
analysis in the architectural and urban planning scale in the relation object-landscape (urban and country areas – especially in the region of Opole),
spatial functional analysis of public buildings.

Staff responsible for setting directions of research:

Piotr Obracaj, Ph.D., D.Sc., in Architecture, Associate Professor is a member of the International Committee of Architecture and Committee of Scenography in International Organization of Scenographers and Theatre Technicians (OISTAT), member of the Management Board of the Polish Centre OISTAT. He is a member of Polish Actors Association (ZASP), Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians (PZITB), the Association of Polish Architects, Silesian Chamber of Building Engineers and also Silesian Chamber of Architects.
Bogusław Szuba, Ph.D., Eng. in Architecture is the member of Qualification Comitte of the Regional Chamber of Architects in Opole.
Dr inż. arch. Marcin Spyra is the active member of Silesian Regional Chamber of Architects, SIDiR (the member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC) and Society of Polish Town Planners.
Dr inż. arch. Piotr Opałka a member of : Polish Chamber of Architects member/ President of the Regional Disciplinary Commission, Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers member ,Polish Green Building Council Association founding member/ President of the Audit Committee.


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